Monday, March 11, 2019

Hijab Styles For Face Shapes

Ladies who rock hijab also want to look chic and adorable, favourably, hijab fashion has been on trends in recent times. Different hijab styles exist for different face shapes and... you can just match your own hijab style to your face shape to look fabulous.
Check through this post to know and understand everything about hijab styles and face shapes.

Know your face shape

There are some steps to follow to discover the type of face shape you have. 
  • Heart shaped face: If you have an inverted triangle shape, then you have a heart shaped face. You will notice that your forehead is the widest and the entire face tampering down the chin.
  • Diamond face shape: you have the widest cheekbones then, it is crystal clear that you have a diamond face shape.
  • Round face shape: If all features on your face are equal, then you tend to have a round face shape. If your forehead size equals cheekbones and also your jaw. Clearly, you know you have a round face.
  • Oval face shape: When you have an oblong face shape where your jaw trims down your face, then you have an oval face.
If you have known your face shape, kudos to you. Then explore to see tge hijab style that fits you most. Different style of hijabs can be worn to showcase one's beauty and demostrate your facial structure in a fashionable way. 

Hijab style for oval face shapes

This is the most versatile face shape as it matches any hijab style. Consider yourself lucky if you have an oval face shape, because you have variety of hijab styles to choose from. Oval faces have long and defined cheekbones and narrow jawline. 
For the hijab style for oval face, the scarf should be wrapped round face firmly and finishing the wrap under the chin. Always avoid having folds because they make the face look rounder and shorter. 

Hijab style for round face shapes:

The loose style of hijab would go well for a round face shape. Add the loose folds to the cheekbones because this will reveal more facial features of yours as well as perfectly framing your face. The loose folds will make your face look less round. Do not wear tight or fitted style of hijab because this will only make the cheeks more visible.  

Hijab style for long face shape:

This is quite similar to the oval face shape but it is prolonged more in the chin and forehead. When wrapping hijab, keep the forehead visible and the hijab should be closer face at the sides, this will lengthen the face. Wear hijabs with the v-pointed shape at the centre of the forehead. 

Hijab style for heart face shape:

This is a very attractive face shape because of the jaw looking pointed like the bottom of the heart shape. It is always more attractive when loose styles of hijab is rocked. You can also go for the tight hijab style if you feel it would be better for you. Also, you can add some folds below the cheekbones, which would reveal the full potentials of your face.

There are various hijab styles which can be gotten from your creativity. Try out new styles, also formulate your own style to provide an exquisite and exceptional outlook. You can also check out in my previous post 'first impression when sighting a hijabi'.
Hijab fashion is really great and beautiful!

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