Wednesday, July 17, 2019

Tips For Rocking Statement Sleeves!

In trends now, sleeves are now becoming of unique styles. The sleeves of dresses and blouses started becoming bigger and stylish...
Ever since then, puffy sleeves found its way into trend again and they have become the toast of every designer and fashion lovers. All fashionistas out there have really embraced the style of puff sleeves which they have now incorporated into their conventional styles of today rejuvenating them into exquisite styles. Styles with puff sleeves are the ones in vogue in couture tailor today, as they have been created with ankara, silk and other kinds of material. This style of sleeves are very chic and fabulous which have really gone viral. Considering how popular it is, the style may not be leaving the fashion world anytime soon. 
One of the fabulous qualities of this kind of sleeve is that it makes you the center of attention. It is peculiar to drawing people's attention to you because it creates a bogus outlook. They are big sleeves and they become an attraction on their own.  Our style inspiration on this is Cynthia Nwadiora popularly known as Cee-C.

Tips to consider when rocking dramatic sleeves
  • Compliment your big sleeves with fitted jeans, pants or pencil skirts. It is very necessary you pair your blouses with big sleeves with something very fitted to avoid creating over-exaggerated outlooks. 
  • When rocking big sleeves, your jewelry does not necessarily need to be elaborate. Just keep it simple with your accessories because the sleeves are already creating the necessary 'drama'. The big sleeves have created the attention already, so just keep it low with your accessories to balance up the outlook. Avoid going overboard with the dressing.
  • When you are rocking a blouse with exaggerated or bell sleeves, always keep it simple down. Do not wear anything too busy for down (skirt or pant). You've already kept it bogus up, so you have to slim it down by wearing very fitted skirt or trouser.
  • If it is gown that comes with big or bell sleeves, then the bodice should be very fitted. If it is a long gown, avoid too much details down there because the upper side of the dress is already doing the talking, therefore you do not need so much details there. Exception to this, is when you are rocking a gown with moderate sleeves. Otherwise, you have to follow this tip to keep it classic and simple.  
The statement sleeves are just the must-have trend of this season. These sleeves are just simply a blast from the past which have now become something of modern twist. Fashion designers and fashionistas have now modified them into something great and adorable. There are different statement sleeves to choose from. There are - bell sleeves, bounce sleeves, exaggerated sleeves, flounce sleeves, ruffle sleeves and the likes. You can learn more about this in my previous post 'making fashion statement with dramatic sleeves'.
These modern stylish statement sleeves will make you have a look back to the 80s during their inception. Pair your look when rocking big sleeves with a pair of big hoop earrings to achieve a retro look. 

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