Wednesday, July 10, 2019

Tips To Soften The Skin Of The Hands!

Have you been backling with very dry and rough hands? Do you nornally have a fear of handshake just because you have coarse hands? There are so many things that could result to fear due to dry hands...
There are various factors that could have caused your hands to be increasingly dry over time. The kind of job you engage in and the weather are some of the factors that could be behind you losing the softness of your hands. You can also check out my previous posts on benefits of skin toner and ways to get a smooth skin without applying chemicals to ensure you a soft skin of your hands and a glowing skin in general. Below, are some of the things that could cause you to have dry hands. 


You tend to have dry hands and generally the whole of the body because winter proffers dry air. You become drier in the winters because your hands can't hold onto the moisture whereas causing them to become dry. 

Workplace condition
If the condition of your workplace deals with you washing your hands multiple times in a day with strong sanitizers, then you are more likely to have dry hands. Those who spend a lot of time washing dishes or clothes will also have dry hands. This happens due to the strong surfactants in soaps and detergents which are capable of striping off the natural oils in the hands thereby becoming extremely dry.

Medical condition
Some medical conditions like diabetes and some related ones that hinder blood flow thereby causing dry skin on your hands. Other skin disorders like eczema, psoriasis, xerosis can cause the skin on your hands to be dry. Check out the best tips to ensure you a glass skin.

Though, these are the factors that cause dryness of the skin but can also be easily restored with softness in most of the ways. Below are the natural ways in which you can help restore the glory of your hands.


Olive oil and sugar

1. Put sugar in the palm of one hand and pour olive oil into it, then start using the other palm to rub into your palms and hands

2. Massage for about 30 seconds by squeezing the hands and fingers in circular motion

3. Relax the palms, let the mixture sink in for about 30 minutes

4. Wash out the mixture on your hands with warm water and then pat dry with a clean towel. Then, you are done! 


1. After the day's activities, close by washing your hands with a gentle soap and then dry up the hands.

2. Get a quality vaseline and rub into your hands. Take time to rub for 30 seconds in order to massage the hands very well.

3. Wear cotton gloves on the hands and then go to bed. You will wake up the next morning with soft and supple hands. 

Lemon juice with baking soda

1. First wash your hands with a mild soap and warm water
2. In a small bowl, mix lemon juice with baking soda and honey evenly.
3. Apply this mixture on your hands thereby rubbing it through massaging the hands. Let the mixture sit on your skin for 10 minutes
4. Then, wash your hands but do not use soap directly. Repeat the process twice a week for an effective result of soft hands.
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