Saturday, July 6, 2019

Wardrobe Essentials For Rainy Season!

The rainy season is here again! As much as we enjoy the warm cups of coffee and hot chocolate, we should be able to dress in accordance to the rainy season...
The rainy season brings lots of joy in life, but requires much preparation to enjoy the season. Some items must be readily available in your wardrobe to enjoy the rainy season. Bal Fashion went around ransacking to build up wardrobe essentials for the rainy season. 


During the rainy season, umbrellas become your best friend because they tend to keep you dry in the rain. Far back to the days when umbrellas used to be a burden in your bags due to the bulky size, but there are now available in different styles and shapes. There is the type that is foldable and the one of compact shape that can easily be slipped in your bag. 

Rain coat

This is one of the must-have item in your wardrobe during the rainy season. There are so many fancy rain coats available in the market today, you can simply just get one that suits your comfort and style.  

Synthetic top

Funky and synthetic tops are very versatile and would never go out of fashion. They can be paired with shorts, cropped pants, jeans palazzo and the likes. The tip for this is that it should be well taken care of and should be tge kind of fabric that gets dry quickly and easily so as not to feel cold when beaten by the rain. Avoid the tops with light and transparent colors, so that it won't be obvious when beaten by the rain. 


You don't have to give compromise on the style just because its rainy season. You can still rock the chic look with stylish short and a funky crop top or tube top. Always ensure you get the fabric that is comfortable and convenient to pair with shorts during the monsoon. 

Gum boots

Gum boots become immense blessing to you and your feet in rainy season, because they are knee-length, waterproof and also made of rubber which provides durability throughout this season. There are available in different styles and colors, therefore you can simply pick your choice to rock chicly this rainy season. 


Wearing wedges and elegant stilettos become an old trend during the rainy season. Stylish and flashy flip-flops are the trends of the moment. They are very much comfortable to wear during the rainy season especially during the monsoon because they are made of rubber or plastic. Invest in adding some pairs of fine and durable flip-flops in your wardrobe in this season. 

Waterproof handbags

Ladies would always be seen with handbags as they are inseparable, on every days of their life. Handbags have become a prerequisite to women's wardrobe because they need to keep their gadgets, makeup products and all other items useful to them inside the bags. The rainy season can become so harsh on your beautiful and expensive handbags, this is the more reason why you need a waterproof handbag during the rainy season. Get yourself trendy handbags with leather material or waterproof material that will require low maintenance so as to prevent you from damaging your designer bags due to the weather. 

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