Saturday, July 20, 2019


Each time we get to the hot weather season, most people tend to flock outside for trips to the beach and other outdoor events, thereby experiencing much of sun beats that could result to sunburn tattoos...
People with the normal conventional tattoes tend to experience more of sunburn tattoes because the sun is just incredibly dangerous to tattoes. Sunburn can cause pain and short term damage to the skin but consistent sunburn over a long period of time can completely destroy the look of the tattoos. 
Sunburn tattoo is the application of a shape and design on the skin, then waiting to get burnt by the sun. When you get fully scorched by the sun, the design or object that was blocked on the skin will now appear as a whiter patch on the skin. The design left on the skin will serve as a semi-permanent tattoo while the skin heals and peels. The sunburn tattoos are also known as sun tattoos. Some people have been causing havoc to their skin all in the name of sun tattoo trying to have star design or other designs on their skin. 


  • Exposing yourself to the sun for the purpose of creating a fake tattoo will also put you at a risk of sun stroke which is so difficult to deal with, alongside it increases the risk of skin cancer because any burn on your skin will leave you with a sore and peeling skin.
  • You should consider these consequences of sun burn to your skin. The thoughts of sore skin and the risk of getting skin cancer should be enough to scare you away from sunburn tattoos. Putting on clothes after you've gotten sunburn could be so painful, therefore there will be absolutely no way you will want to show off your tattoo without having to bathe in aloe vera.
  • Another threat to sunburn tattoos is public shame. There will be no one out there to applaud you for achieving sunburn tattoo that was gotten from serious skin damage and risk. 
  • Aside from the effects of sunburn to your skin, sun burns can also cause issues like dizziness, nausea, heat exhaustion and headaches. The skin is not meant to get burnt and therefore can be so painful. SPF helps in protecting your skin against the sun and harmful UV rays, it adds to the amount of time that can be spent in the sun. This product should be used regularly by applying all over the areas of the skin that will get exposed to the sun. It should be noted that this should not be tampered with to try and create a tattoo effect. Therefore, it is advisable to stay in the shade especially when the sun is at its hottest. 
No matter how big or little the area of exposed skin to sun is, any type of sunburn will always cause issues of numerous degrees to your health in general. Simply put, stay off from sunburn tattoos and don't adopt this trend at all if you really cherish your health. Stay protected in the sun and don't play with the sun, because there are various safe options to choose from. 

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