Friday, July 12, 2019

Lipstick Color: What It Reveals About Your Personality!

Lipstick shades are reflection of one's feeling at the moment. Even though it can be argued that lipstick shades are being chosen to compliment makeup or outfit...
Otherwise, the choice of lipstick color reflects how one feels at the moment. Some people judge one's personality by the choice of lipstick shade. It has been opined that the choice of one's lipstick tells more about the person. Exactly like one's personal styles likewise the choice of lipstick shade. There are so many definitions to choices of lipstick shades - it can be flirty, sassy or shy to reveal one's personality. 

The following are the lipstick shades and the reflection of their personality.  

Bright pink
If you are the type who loves to rock this color regularly, then it implies you are the kind of person who makes those people around you smile. You own an infectious smile, so you are great at making newer friends everyday. You create excitement and dedication for accomplishments whether its on a new job, training or watching films at cinemas.

You are a fashion lover if you fall into this category. You are the type that gives fashion advice to people, you are so intuitive that you know how to regard people without hurting their feelings. You are a risk taker, you try to be optimistic about all things thereby creating a risk. You are being admired by friends and family for your spontaneity. 


When you rock red lipstick always - be it tomato red, pepper red, scarlet or crimson red, it implies you are extremely passionate and daring. It is a symbol of courage and also speaks more of passion. When you use red lipstick, it will draw people's attention to your mouth and also to everything you are saying. Ladies who rock red lipsticks don't mind being the center of attention with all eyes on them, they are so confident and assertive. While the darker shade of red implies much more toned version of passion. This also implies confidence but in a more toned down way. It is sophisticated and also leaves room for guessing and wondering. 


Nude lipshade does not provide a bright look, therefore does not create center of attention. When you rock a nude lipshade, you will only remain in the background. Shy ladies are the ones who tend to rock nude lipstick all times. Even though this may be a wrong vibe at times, because a nude lipstick lover may turn out to be warm and caring once she opens up. Nude lipstick gives a clear sign of seriousness and also a signal of friendliness and ability to listen. Women who choose nude lipsticks as their choice are surely the cool, calm, real and down to earth types. They can also pull out sophisticated looks and confidence in their own ways. 

Lip gloss
Choosing lip gloss as your choice depicts fun and also being natural. Lip glosses provide a younger look with a subtle hint of edge. They deliver clear sign of self awareness, diverting the look to a more appealing one. 

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