Saturday, July 13, 2019


Denim is definately going nowhere as it continues to rejuvenate into new styles. There are different all-time favorite styles like jackets, shorts, skirts, trousers that make good impression when it comes to making trendy style statenents...
There are other options of jeans you can lay your hands on like dresses and not just rocking the regular jean and jackets, the denim dresses can be rocked to occasions. There are many options for you to choose from like off-shoulder style, pinafore, maxi dress, or shirt dress. 

It might be so frustrating to keep to trends of denim as they change over time. Every season has its own style, color and silhouette. Therefore, you might be feeling to discard everything in your closet that are not in accordance with the season's fashion. Still, it is nice to come across durable clothing items in your closet that have stand the test of time. Those clothing pieces that work month over month, season over season and year over year. Denim jackets have been a staple in most closets but have not been known exactly how to rock them. 

Denim jackets are good for summer nights and as a layer of winter coat. They can be paired with an oversized scarf in the fall which looks good and during the spring season, they are the perfect choice of outerwear. They are versatile, therefore if you have anyone that haven't seen the daylight for a long time; this is the time to rock it fabulously. 
Here are the breakdown of different types of denims.

How to wear jean jacket

When you look out to buy jean jackets, then you will always find out that there are different versions of denims to choose from. You are left to choose your choice! If you prefer a dark wash of denim in a classic cut or a vintage style with oversized fit. This challenge can be a little tasking, the more reason why Bal Fashion has broken down the categories, ideas and how-to-wear-them tips to help you to figure out that which you like.

Blue jean jacket

A blue jean jacket is every woman's friend and the most basic of them all. It has an unmatched versatility because of its availability in so many watches, sizes and prices. You can pair a full midi skirt with a white top coupling with a blue jean jacket. 

White denim jacket

If you do not like blue denim, then you can always try this white denim jacket. Also, if you tend to grow your jean jacket collection, you can include the white version. This style of white denim jacket tends to elevate your outfit thereby creating a clean and crisp look. Pair it as a color blocking strategy of outfit to achieve a glamorous outlook. 

Black denim jacket

This is the contrary of the denim jacket style. Wearing a black denim jacket proffers a downtown cool vibe to your outfit as it will tone down the whole outfit. It is also versatile because it can be used as layer to any outfit combination. You can pair with a leggings and fitted top thereby turning into a standard outfit. 

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