Monday, July 15, 2019

Simple Ways To Make Your Cheap Clothes Look Expensive!

It is not every fashion lover that has the finance and time to load the ideal closet with top designer pieces. Never mind, there is a way to manipulate this...
Here are the simple ways to help you transform your cheap clothes into luxurious apparels. The following are the tips to help you maintain financial balance yet looking stylish. All you need is creativity to achieve this. Check through this! 

Tailor them
Get yourself a good tailor that will help manipulate some stitches that help your clothes to look expensive. A cheap clothing item bought can eventually look better than the one made by a designer with just the change of some stitches. After getting these items and you find out they are not your perfect fit, then simply head to a tailor that will help you make them fit. This is actually worth it. Always keep on your mind when shopping that the simpler the garment, the easier it is for the tailor. 

Replacement of buttons
Change those basic plastic buttons to richer looking buttons like  pearl, metal and the likes. You can get these designer buttons from shops or online. You can even get these buttons from your old clothes which you don't longer wear. You do not necessarily need to bother yourself with switching that yourself as dry cleaners can get that done for you at cheap rate. 

Wear only pieces in in-like new condition
If you see a toxic stain on the item that you can't get it out yourself, just take it to a dry cleaner to get it done for you. Never you try wearing the cloth with the stain on. If nothing is being done to it, then you can give the item out because it doesn't worth it anymore. Neat everything in the cloth before wearing it. If there is a loose thread or button, make sure you take care of that before wearing it because once it is being noticed by you, then apparently other people will notice it too. 

Do not wear distressed clothing items
Distressed clothes are not durable and can easily get worn out thereby looking older than before. There are some certain exceptions to this, ripped jeans can look distressed but that is simply the beauty in them. 

Stop washing the clothes so often
Washing clothes so often isn't still the answer to keeping things clean. When you wash your clothes too often, it wears down the fabrics and fades out the clothes which will end up making them look cheap and outdated. If there is a marking on the fabric, you can spot clean it with a toothbrush or sponge. If that persists, you can put it in the freezer for the night to eliminate that. This freezer tip really work well, you can give it a trial. 

Get a steamer
A steamer will help you even out the wrinkles on your clothes just in few minutes as wrinkles can make your clothing items look old and cheap, you know ironing can be so tasking and not all pieces can be ironed. This is where the idea of getting a good steamer comes in. When washing, steam the clothing pieces a night before and leave them hanging in a place of open windows for free air. This will help to neutralize the odor in the clothes and for them to be ready to wear in the morning.

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