Sunday, July 7, 2019

Types Of Tops Every Fashionista Should Own!

There maybe many styles and designs irn the fashion market for you to follow. Top wears are the most essential wardrobe staple that should be owned by any fashion lady out there...
It is very important to take cognizance of the appropriate top for your body in order not to become a fashion blunder. Bal Fashion has compiled various types of tops with stylish and trendy collection for you to look fabulous.

Tank tops

These are tops that are good for summer and essential for every woman's wardrobe. This is the perfect choice for you when hitting the gym. It can also be paired with sweaters and jackets, especially when used as a layer for cardigans.

Off-shoulder tops

These are the trends of the moment and have always been in the fashion world. These tops transform your look to a more fashionable one. It can be paired with straight and flared jeans or shorts during summer. These kinds of tops proliferate glamor and chicness. This type of one shoulder top can be paired with skinny jeans and heels to bring out the best of the style. 

Peplum tops

Tops having flared around the stomach line are the peplum tops. This style helps to conceal the bulge and the belly giving a flattening shape. Peplum tops provide a great advantage to an apple and pear shaped body providing an hour glass figure. They look so adorable when paired with pencil skirts or straight pants or jeans. 

Wrap tops

This type of top is called wrap top because there is a roll of rope being tied around the waist to form a top. This creates a convenient wrap thereby displaying a chic elegant outlook at the front. This is a 'yes' for tall ladies as they make an amazing look on them with a well-balanced shoulder. It should be paired with a long plain skirt or flaired pants with heeled shoes. 


In this present time, everybody desires to dress comfortably. Even the aged women make blouses the most sought after tops. This style got inspired from the gents shirt and have been the most comfortable feminine wear ever since then. They are versatile and can be paired with virtually any form of dressing. 

Crop tops

This is a new style that is trending so well this season. If you have a desirable and glowing skin, then crop top is a must for you to rock and definately something to try out.  It has been loved by all and sundry and still in vogue in the moment and not leaving any time soon. It can be paired with skirts, jeans, shorts or even as a jacket on top of a dress. There is absolutely nothing crop top can't be paired with. 

Cross line tops

These are fitted tops that are chicly worn with palazzo, pant trouser or tight fitting jean. Cross line tops have the advantages of covering the bulge around the waistline and also revealing the cleavage, which exhibit a sultry look. This type of top looks fantastic on plumpy ladies and can also be nice on slim ladies. It can be worn as swimsuits on beach during summer. 

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