Friday, July 5, 2019

The Rise Of Social Conscience In Art-Inspired Fashion!

The fashion world is just like the music industry where most people are willingly to force themselves into while a fewer others seek what suit their individual tastes...Shopping malls are the contemporary hits as fashion became the merit of the moment. Individualism has been the boundaries of this formula which consequently results in increased demand for clothings and that has gone progressive ever since then. 
bearer of this message.
As more and more people began to understand the power of fashion as a mechanism of expression, the nature of art and fashion will continue to grow. With a great number of artists and celebrities proceeding to communicate the need for changes in the way we view ourselves, relationship with each other and the environment we live in. 
Most people do not have the idea that most of our clothings are made with chemicals which can consequently have an impact on human health and the environment. 
The conscious fashion movement undergoes comprehensive challenges than how the organic food movement evolved, which includes the extreme lack of information and clothing supply chains. Unlike food, there is no explicit connection in consumers' opinions about clothing and health and other people who contribute to the production of clothes like farmers, processors, dyers, factory workers and tanners. 
Durable clothings do come in higher prices Even though ethical clothing companies have started becoming more effective at combining sustainable values at reasonable prices with smart branding. When durability are being placed by brands at the core of their identity and marketing, then the fashion conscious customers would be able to outwardly express their values through the clothes they wear. 
A very productive direction towards the conscious fashion movement is putting together the sophisticated marketing with the efforts of the NGOs pressuring companies toward transparency in order to make buying of fashion items easier. It was once believed by someone that fashion is by nature is a form of conspicuous consumption. When you are noticed to be changing fashion trends, it gives the person a form of recognition and thoughtfulness about environmental issues. Just because the choice of your clothings or fashion in general signals the potential of your status and social influence effect. Fashion Revolution has tapped into millennials' behavior on social media patterns coupled with the fashion demographic's innate interest in self expression.
The chains of apparel value are incredibly complex. Most times, almost all brands can not answer the question 'who made my clothes?' Study showed that 48 % of brands can not trace the factories where their clothes were made, 75% did not know where their fabrics came from and 92% are not aware of where the raw materials came from.

However, it should be noted that there are large retailers and brands who are working behind the scenes to become sustainable so as to get balance once the market starts to demand it. These retailers are trying to get ahead of the trends quickly so that they don't become target of criticism. There are very few brands that have the confident to come out bodly to showcase what they have in stock. 

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