Thursday, July 11, 2019

How To Keep It Classy On A Night Out

Weekends are for jolly and you are always ready for that. Then, you thought of what to rock for the night, you could rock a LBD (Little Black Dress) with great colorful stilletos and your makeup slapped on. You are just good to go!...
At night parties, always be very careful in order to avoid bringing disgrace to yourself. Stick to the drinks you are used to, do not extend that just because you have a pal that knows the manager, making you drink to stupor. In this case, all your home training flew out of the window. 

1. Do not create the habit of standing on the furniture- You should know that the furniture in there really cost the organization a lot to get them together. Do not ignore this just because you are feeling yourself or going hot. Keep the party organized. 

2. Do not go overboard with what you eat. Do not try mixing various things together because that can be very detrimental to your health. Just because you are in a night party, then you went ahead to mix different portions of drinks. Consequently, this could turn out to be a poison for you. Come to think of it, you know spices make your food tastes better and yet that is not enough reason for you to add the whole spices to your food. Same thing is applicable here. Stay cool at night parties!

3. Fight should be a 'no' in night parties. Clubs shouldn't be hub of fist fights. Do not go into a fight in club in order to retain your prestige. You are well dressed with so many expensive things, you are long hair extension, quality manicure and nice makeup, all shouldn't just end up in fight. You might get seriously injured if you do.  Ensure to have any wrong confrontation with anyone because that is the major trigger of fights at a night out.

4. Water must be taken. As you buy your favorite drinks, also get water along. The water will serve as fire extinguisher to your system because as you take those hard drinks, the water will be able to offset them thereby cooling off the whole thing. This will prevent you from getting drunk and also provide a lot of good to your liver. It will prevent any impending headache and tummy upset. Drink water because it is very essential!

5. Exit as soon as it getting dawn. Have it in your mind that if one of you passes out, others will definitely go home. The more reason why you should leave the party as soon as it is close to dawn. When its around 5am, pick your bag and be ready to leave before you get exposed because the daylight is capable of revealing the deeds of the midnight.  
During the night out, do not engage in anything that will make you trend on social media for wrong reasons. Play safe and have a civilized night with your friends. Do not go wild in the party to avoid some hallucinations when dawn and ensure you get enough sleep afterwards. 

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