Saturday, May 11, 2019

Adverse Effects Of Skin Bleaching!

Skin bleaching and whitening is no more a new thing in the society as it has been adopted by many citizens of the society...
It should be known that skin bleaching is the most serious phenomenon to destroy and damage the skin. Dark people in Africa are targeted to use dangerous skin lighteners. Initially, skin lightening was introduced to even out the skin tone and complexion. Also, eliminating the signs of aging and sun rays, age spots, effects of hyper pigmentation. However, with time this eventually spinned out of control resulting to skin bleaching and whitening, which now became an obsession among the dark people who abused the use of this to have a fairer or white skin.
It can noted that skin bleaching and whitening arise as a result of inferiority complex and also from unreasonable social standards. 

Exceptionally, skin bleaching products can produce some healthy, desired results when used under the supervision of a skin specialist or dermatologist. However, It is so unfortunate that some people abuse the use of these products as a result of the frequent use of the skin bleaching products which leads to undesirable and unwanted results.
The main purpose of this article is to provide more enlightenment on the adverse effects of unsupervised usage of skin bleaching and whitening products.
Next to be spoken about are the components that made up bleaching products and how they work on the skin. 

There are three components that do contain skin bleaching products. Majority of all skin bleaching products have atleast one out of these three active ingredients. They include: Mercury, Hydroquinone, Corticosteroids

  • Mercury is a toxic chemical which is already absorbed in the human body. It varies in types as it usually be in skin bleaching products as mercuric, mercurio or mercurous chloride. 
  • Hydroquinone is another toxic compound that has 2% concentration or can be higher according to presciption. This chemical is being used in various production like rubber, hair dyes and so on.
  • Corticosteroids are present in almost all skin bleaching products. This is one of the harmful compounds used in the production of skin bleaching products. 


  • Hydroquinone is said to be mutagenic which is prone at increasing the risk of diseases like liver diseases and other thyroid disorders.
  • The overdose usage of hydroquinone can result to skin lightening of the face which consequently lead to hyper pigmentation of the extremes of the body like toes, fingers and ears.
  • Bleaching products make the users to be more prone to skin cancer and chronic sunburns.
  • Bleaching leads to drying of the skin resulting to the cracking and peeling of the skin. 
These are the more reason why you should stay away from bleaching your skin. Obviously, these skin bleaching products are still selling in the open market just because of the belief that a lighter skin is better than a darker skin. 

Fully knowing the adverse effects and consequences of using skin bleaching products, you wouldn't want to continue with the use of the products that can cause you skin cancer, liver damage or kidney damage. Wear your natural skin proudly and promote the heritage with the best products in the market. 
Love and value your skin adorably!

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