Wednesday, May 22, 2019

Everyday Habits That Are Ruining Your Skin!

If you are still doubting that you have a flawless skin, then it implies there are some things to change about your daily habits...
Unknowingly, there are some habits you indulge in that are extremely harmful for your skin's health. Using some researched online information or taking clues from your friends on skin treatment could be very detrimental to your skin's health and could result into skin problems. 

The following to be mentioned are the daily habits to be avoided. 


As smoking cigarette is very dangerous to our health so also it is very injurious to the skin. When you smoke cigarette, the fumes created from smoking has carbon monoxide which depletes the oxygen in the skin. This implies that as more and more you smoke cigarette, there will be a reduction in the oxygen in the skin which will result in an unhealthy looking skin. The fumes from cigarette also contains nicotine which causes reduction of blood flow resulting in a dry, patchy and discolored skin. These are the reasons why smoking is not encouraged as it is very injurious both to our health and skin appearance. 

Washing the face with hot water

It is a misconception to think that washing the face with hot water can cleanse the face much better than using cold water. Extreme hot water for bath should be totally avoided as it results in the removal of all the oils present in the skin thereby losing the natural moisturization of the skin. The usage of very hot water for bath can be so damaging to the skin as the act leaves you with a dry and patchy skin. 

Eating oily foods

Eating too much of oily foods can result in acne breakout and clogged pores. If you are the type that loves fried foods a lot, this is the time to stop loving them as they do no good to your skin.  

Over scrubbing the face

There is a myth that is believed by most people that excessive scrubbing makes the skin fair. This is not just true as over scrubbing the face would result in a darker face. Do not scrub your face too much with the aim of enhancing a fairer skin.

 Buying cosmetic blindly

This is one of the common mistakes made by most women, they tend to buy wrong cosmetics just because of the assurance of their brand value. Most women always end up buying a cosmetic product just because the advertisement promises to get rid of wrinkles in some weeks with checking the suitability of the product to your skin. Always engage in a path test before buying any cosmetic product to be assured that the product really suits your skin. 

Purchasing over-the-counter medicine 

Avoid buying over-the-counter medicine which can cause damage to your skin. You should understand that each individual with a different skin type, as such, treatment to each skin can't be the same. Endeavor to have the complete knowlege of the drugs you are buying before buying them. 

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