Friday, June 28, 2019

Dresses Needed For Tropical Honeymoon!

As planning your wedding could be very tasking, you are heading to honeymoon of rest and relaxation. Mind you, there is always one additional task to do before heading to honeymoon with your partner...
Packing is that important task to be done before racing off to that balmy beach resort with your partner. Probably, your days there might be filled with sunning, the beach and island adventure, dining and wining at restuarants, clubbing and the likes, you have to get the appropriate wears to these events. Here are some pointers to pack for your tropical honeymoon and end up achieving that versatile vacation wardrobe. 
Look at for the provisions of your hotel (like towel, hair dryer, shampoo etc) in order to avoid packing duplicates. A smart packer should be able to contain 2 pairs of shoes, 3 pairs of shorts, 2 pairs of pant trousers, 3 skirts, 3 dresses, 3 swimsuits, a cover-up, 4 t-shirts, one lingerie, one sweater and two sleepwears. Consider packing a whole complete outfit in your packer (travelling outfit). Use two tote bags as some airlines accept that. In one bag, pack your make-up items, hair items, novels, a smaller zippered bag for your jewelries and other purse items. Pack a small bag with it, the one that matches all your sandals' color and should be a cross bag for easy use. The smaller bag can be used most times that you go out in the evening leaving the big tote bag behind. 
The tip for this is picking the versatile items to dress up or dress down with. A lightweight little black dress with minimal sleeves can easily be matched with strappy heeled sandals for evening events. You might pack a silky sundress for a special brunch outing. 
In every vacation trip, limit yourself to maximum of two pairs of pant even though you wear pants all the time in your regular life. Opt for a cotton pant in white or neutral tone. Stretch fabrics are perfect and cool for the tropics and the more reason why you must rock spandex wears that are easy to wash during the trip. You can pair this look with a slightly heeled sandal or sandal. If you plan in engaging in activities like horseback riding, then you will need a pair of jeans, otherwise you can go without it.  
Swimsuits is just a must when going for vacation trips especially for honeymoons. You should go with atleast 2 swimsuits so as to alternate them and avoiding you to wear wet swimsuit. Pair your bikini with different patterns and colors so as to get various outlook from just two bikinis. You can probably pack a two-piece suit and one piece suit so you can be able to alternate perfectly between them. You will also need a cover for your bikini when you want to go for a short trek on the beach so you won't waste your t-shirt or short on the beach. Complement with a hat to prevent your face from the sun and also ensure to pack lip balm and toiletries.
All in all, rock sunglasses when on the beach.

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