Sunday, June 30, 2019

Bralettes For Pregnant And Nursing Moms!

Getting different br@s as your bre@st sizes change can be so frustrating. Pregnant and nursing moms need very comfortable and suppprtive bralettes...
This is a guide from us to help you get the appropriate tips for getting your perfect maternity br@.

How bre@sts change during pregnancy
One of the symptoms of pregnancy is fuller bre@sts. There is variation in different women as most women change up to three cup sizes during the course of their pregnancy because of the expansion of the belly. A larger band size of br@ should be worn while pregnant.
There is a point called engorgement and it is the point when the bre@sts are the largest. Once you start nursing, the size of your bre@sts can change everyday. In as much you feed your baby on a regular basis, then you will surely have a constant br@ size. Even though most women return to their previous band size that is three cup larger than they were before giving birth.
Prior to all these changes, it is important to take cognizance of your measurement often so as to wear good maternity and nursing br@s.

Maternity br@

This is the br@ that is appropriate for pregnant women. These br@s are the ones specially designed to be worn during pregnancy. Some regular br@s can be worn also as maternity br@s if they have the adequate characteristics. These are the characteristics to look for in a maternity br@:

  • Maternity br@s must be fitted on the tightest hook as at when you first buy them, so that there will be room for expansion as the chest expands.
  • Women with high should opt for a non-underwire br@.
  • Br@s that come without underwire are also great during the third trimester of pregnancy.
  • They must be always supportive and comfortable

Reasons for wearing maternity br@

  • Adopting maternity br@s help to support the bre@sts in order to prevent back pain and also reduce the chances of having stretch marks.
  • A good maternity br@ will provide you comfort as your bre@sts grow
  • The bre@sts become the heaviest during pregnancy and nursing, the more reason it is very important to wear bra that provides fitness.
  • Maternity br@s are specifically designed to be free of allergens for sensitive skin.

Reasons for getting nursing br@

  • It is advised to buy your first nursing br@s at the period 30 to 32 weeks. Most women arrive the same br@ size as they were at 30 weeks, therefore this is the best time for nursing br@s.
  • The first breastfeeding br@s should be in soft cup because the non-underwire br@s give room for the enlargement of the bre@sts during engorgement. This will make flexible sizing that will help you stay comfortable during the few weeks of nursing. 
  • There should be atleast two soft cup nursing br@s so as to alternate wearing during that time.
  • Once you breast feed your baby on a regular basis, then you will have to increase your nursing wardrobe.
  • Underwire br@s can also be worn during this stage because they provide support for heavy bre@sts. 

All in all, it is important you are wearing the appropriate br@ size and cup size.

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