Monday, June 24, 2019

The Impact Of Fashion Bloggers On The Society!

During this age, the power of fashion bloggers as defined by technology has very cogent influence on the consumers helped by the rapid growth of social media and technologies...
In the year 2015, it was recorded that 41% of consumer trends were influenced by fashion blogs while 23% of consumers revealed that they got direct purchases on physical market rather than shopping online.  It is now a modern culture of creating an inter-relationship between setting of trends and directly persuading consumers to buy clothes based on the influence of fashion bloggers on consumers. 
Consumers see fashion bloggers as more reliable than traditional marketers and they tend to believe the fashion bloggers more than anyone else. They have the power to make a trend and also break it with independence of institutional organizations. 
The improvement of social media has really helped fashion bloggers to diffuse their style in the marketplace much faster because there is instant spread of information on the social media which led to a reduction in traditional blog-based bloggers who made the transition over to visual blogging on Instagram. The transition to Instagram is a smart move because it is part of the influence in which consumers are approaching trends.  There is a direct impact between the division of Instagram and blog based blogs which influence consumers, even though the two divisions were attracted to different audiences. Instagram bloggers intend only to purely provide a visual look at trends of fashion which the consumers should follow, while on the other hand, blog based blogs are more reliable because their contents create direct expose of a particular brand or trend. 
Fashion bloggers influence consumers on their outfit choices and also create a social acceptance code. This code shows the trends that are hot and the trends that are not worth it. Fashion bloggers are capable of setting and discarding trends without any social consent unlike fashion designers whose acceptance is solely dependent on public consensus. The code also creates a hierarchical system of consumption which the influence of the blogger determines the market audience either to adopt or discard some fashion trends. 
In creating a secondary trend, the new generation of bloggers now focus on inspiring fashion bloggers rather than marketing to the general audience, because they are aware that large numbers of the followers are also bloggers.
The influence of fashion blogs on consumers has been a controversy in the past with some popular bloggers, they were questioned by their fans on the trends they set and their successes. There are still some dishonest fashion bloggers out there who won't reveal originality in order to sell some products on their blogs. These dishonest bloggers stay on good terms with a brand just like some ambassadors do for numerous brands for money and not the authenticity of the products.
Reading a sponsored post or reviewing dishonest comments is something to be avoided when trying to influence the consumers, trust the honest bloggers for your personal style and to refresh your fashion life. 

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