Saturday, June 15, 2019

Things You Have Been Wasting Your Money On!

The best way to manage your money is to track your spending. If this can be practised for just one month, then you will be surprised by how much money you will be having...
You might think you spend most of your money on groceries and food, even though it is a very good habit because you tend to see what you are spending of. In that manner, you will be able to monitor how you are managing your money in most efficient and effective way. There are so many things that pile up our expenses but we do not pay attention to. Here are some of the ways you have been wasting your money without knowing it.

Designer drinks
They are still very expensive drinks out there which purchasing them everyday will mount cost on you. You can just limit this to a treat and grab a cup of tea or coffee and make that your very own.

Buying goods because of promotional sales
Sales promo do tempt us into buying things we do not really need at the moment. Once we see the sale sign on the goods, then we walk in to check and we eventually end up buying it. Do you really need that piece of cloth or pair of shoes? Probably not, but we end up buying it because there is promo running for it. Similar to that, whenever we see the 'buy two get one free' tag, we end up buying more than we actually need. All these sale promotions stuff simply make us to buy things we never intended buying. Do not be tempted by sale promotion, simply get the exact thing you need at the moment.

Monthly subscriptions
Downloading apps can be so interested but have you ever downloaded any app, only for to get aware after 7 days of using it that you have to pay for monthly subscription on it? It may actually not be a substantial amount but imagine if you have several similar apps running that way, you will be mounted with cost and in no time you will realise you have been wasting a tangible amount of money. You should know advertisers have always got clever and they know the exact way to get you stalked by imposing the cost on a monthly basis. There are also online movie sites where have monthly charges that seem affordable, but adding that to other expenses; they become mounted up. Check yourself if you really need these things and learn how to alternate between them.

It is actually good to have fun and have your lunch outside, but if you do this often; then you will realise that you will be spending more than you earn. You can rather make your food at home and take them along with you instead of going out for lunch everytime. You can just limit that to occasional basis. You can also enjoy yourself by being creative on what to take for lunch and preparing that yourself. Prolly, you will enjoy that!

Recall that all these are about cutting down your expenses in order to save more. Put your finances and savings into consideration and have it in mind to improve your financial welfare.

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