Wednesday, June 19, 2019

Style Tips Every Woman Should Know About Fashion!

Being able to master dressing stylishly is actually a difficult skill to learn. Be rest assured as Bal Fashion has collated some style tips every woman should know...
Though these tips might seem simple but they are capable of rejuvenating the way you dress daily. Dressings to work, church or to have drinks with your friends, these tips would actually work wonders on you looking fabulous each time you step out of the house.

Organizing your closet

Organizing your closet is very important when it comes to dressing chicly. There will be absolutely no way in which you can create great combination of outfit when you hardly see the clothes you own. Organize your closet, donate your outdated wears out or probably the ones you don't like again. Categorize your wears in order to know how you can combine them. Endeavor to hang the ones that should be hung like scarfs and the likes. Get a shoe rack so as to visualize your complete outfits. With all these, your closet will be back to life and you will feel inspired to bring back happy moments to your dressing.

Investing in pieces that suit your body shape

You have to go into strategy shopping to get variety of what really suit your body shape. However, it is paramount to invest in pieces that work best for your body shape. If you are not yet sure of the kind of clothes that work for body shape, you can take a look at the clothing pieces you already own and check out exactly how you look when you are on them. After determining that, experiment with fabrics, colors and styles with the confidence of realising that you already look gorgeous.

Feel free to mix prints

Mixing prints is fabulous way to add life and fun to your closet. If you are the type that has been sticking to some block colors for years, then this is the time to step out bold and choose some fun designs like stripes, floral patterns, gingham and the likes.  Be careful when combining prints to avoid clash, the combination of your prints should complement perfectly. Choose a focal design and accent your outfit with the other. Go for patterns with matching colors for a complete chic outlook.

Complement your colors to suit your skin tone

Skin tone matter a lot when choosing the colors of your clothing. Sometimes, you might wear a particular color of fabric and you will notice it doesn't work for you. This is actually because of your skin tone. Fill your closet with the colors that flatter you the most to create amazing outlooks. If your undertones are warm, stock up designs in brown, yellow, gold, olive and red while on the other hand, if you have cool skin tone; choose colors like black, white, blue and ash.

Visit the fitting room always

You should always make time to check yourself out in the fitting room when shopping to ensure you get things that suit you. It would be better you make your shopping another time, if you know you don't have time to visit the fitting room. Never shop in a rush because fits vary in designs.


Add glamor to your outlook by accessorizing your outfit. Use accessories even if it is a belt, necklace, earrings and other related items because accessories can transform your whole look to a great one. It can be stylish bags, shoes, sunshades, jewellery for a glamor touch to your outfits.

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