Saturday, June 29, 2019

Stylish Ways You Can Rock A Kimono!

Kimonos are worldwide trends that are here to stay, the genesis of kimonos came from China where they were been worn as long and traditional garments for their ceremonial festivals...
Kimono can be sewn in different styles as well as being worn stylishly.  It might be long, short or medium length and can be in different materials. Kimono is versatile as it can be rocked as office wear, casual outfit or business casual depending on how you pair it. There are no restrictions to wearing kimono. You can pair your kimono with a pair of denim or cotton trouser and you might end up achieving the corporate outlook or casuals.

Kimono with jeans

As we all know that, jeans are the embodiment of everyday style. You achieve the bohemian outlook if you combine your kimono with jeans. People have always rocked this combination as at when the style originated. It is advisable to always go for the colorful kimonos so as to be able to pair with plain jeans or neutral colored materials. Kimono is the basic need for this combination, so try to get very colorful materials with different designs and patterns.

Kimono with dress

In some situations, we tend to dress to seek attention from people, the more reason why we wear body-fitting and figure-hugging dress. We might end up doing too much as a result of that, but you might wear a beautiful figure revealing dress and then cover up modestly with a kimono. This is actually the basic advantage of a kimono. If you intend hanging out with your friends before heading to that party, then you can mount a kimono on your hot dress to define modesty and cover the tantalizing parts of your body.

Kimono with swimsuit

The combination of kimono and swimsuit is a two-dependent case. You can also stay longer on the beach without worrying about an evening dress. Complement your swimsuit or bikini with a beautiful kimono, fly out the kimono to unveil the beauty in the style. Let it fly in the wind to see the gorgeous beach look. Pair with large and glittering accessories and a hat to have a complete look.
If you are just investing in kimono and don't really know how to wear it, you can just put on your shoulders like a cape. You can mix with a black trouser and a neutral tone top for contrasting effect. You can create a very corporate look from this dressing.
Remember that, kimonos should be in colorful materiald and other outfits should be in neutral tones or monochrome colors. Clutch bags and other smaller bags are the ideal handbags to compliment kimonos.
Trends stay longer when they are versatile and multifunctional, probably this is the more reason why the trend of kimono is still alive. Having known this, you can get yourself many kimonos in different styles, colors, lengths and designs.
Complement the whole look with a nice heels or stilettos and you would look so gorgeous and fabulous. Kimono is a good option for summer seasons, therefore invest more in them during that season.

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