Saturday, June 1, 2019

Beauty Hacks To Avoid!

From ideas gotten online and some Do-It-Yourself tips, everybody seems to be a professional on a whole lot of topics...
With the aim of saving money, we experiment on some of our beauty routines and health issues. Searching online beauty tips might spring up some hints on the tips to be avoided. Even though, there are some great tips that should be utilized like making use of olive oil as natural face cleanser. You should understand that for every good one tip, there are 10 bad tips that should be avoided. 

Here are the worst beauty tips that should be avoided.

Using colored pencil as eyeliner
The usage of colored pencil as eyeliner is a total no as eye makeup should be gentle enough to be worn around eyes and the more reason why a colored pencil should not be used. It could lead to infection and irritation because the colored pencils are not deigned, approved or tested for this purpose. If you want to make a dramatic look by using a colored pencil, there are other options that are not costly which you can try out without causing harm to your eyes. 

Using disinfectant wipes as makeup wipes
After a long day of wearing makeup, you will always want to wash off the makeup in the bathroom. This is actually a good habit but do not use disinfectant wipes in the course of doing that. Disinfectant wipes contain some harsh ingredients that can cause your skin rashes, redness or swelling, they can only be used to sanitize your makeup appliances. Always use makeup/face wipes on your skin 

Popping pimples with pin
This is just so bad, you shouldn't pop pimples or even spots with pin. By doing so, you are opening yourself to the risk of skin infections and causing scars on your face. Treat your pimples and spots appropriately and leaving them to dry out themselves, not you squeezing them with any sharp object. There are so many beauty hacks online but make sure you are using the correct one.

 Exfoliating your face with a sand paper
This is as worse as setting fire to your face. Do not even try using a sand paper for exfoliation of the face, only if you want to severely damage your skin. As much as you won't want to set fire to your face, then do not use this Do-It-Yourself grade kit to destroy your face. 

Using a stick deodorant to create a matte look
There is no reason using a stick deodorant on your t-zone to keep your skin looking matte, even though, a stick deodorant keeps you dry and odor free all day. You should understand that deodorants and antiperspirant react by blocking your pores in order to keep sweat and odor at bay. If this is used on your face, it can lead to skin problems as a result of causing blockage to your pores. For best and desired result, invest in a mattifying primer before applying that oil-free foundation.  

Be so vigilant to choose good beauty hacks for yourself. Look out for dangerous and odd tips and make sure you avoid them at all cost. With the usage of good beauty hacks, your skin will really thank you. 

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