Sunday, June 16, 2019

Must-Have Accessories For Men!

These are the accessories to be owned by any fashionable man out there irrespective of the age, lifestyle and occupation...
Even though, some of these accessories are not worn often, there will always be an occasion as a grown man where you will need these items. You will be thankful to yourself that you thought that far of getting those things when the need arises. The following are the items that must be owned by all fashionable men

Pocket square

Looking good is all about the details added to the dressing. When dressing in suit, pocket square is an easily overlooked accessories which has been tagged as an item that does not make impact. Pocket square in suit is actually a great detail of accessory that speaks fashion enlightenment and shouldn't be overlooked. Suit should be present in every man's wardrobe atleast a grey suit that can be paired with virtually all colors. Even though, you hardly rock corporate wears, trust me there will still be a time in the year where you will need it.

Solid black and navy ties

The black and navy ties are absolutely must-have in your closet because they compliment virtually all colors of suits. Ensure the width of the ties compliment your body type so as not to go outside the fashion line.


Wearing sunglasses is very important because it provides protection to your eyes from the sun, prevents you from squinting which can eventually lead to wrinkles around the eyes. Regardless of the fact whether you are a lover of sunglasses fashion or not, wearing sunshades has both fashion benefits and health benefits. Sunglasses helps to add glamor, chic and cool touch to your general outlook. Choosing the right frames of sunglasses for your face shape is very important and should be consider appropriate. Endeavor to choose the right frames for your face shape.

Baseball hat

We all have casual days to ourselves, when we would want to look simple. Then, this is when baseball hat comes in. It is worn based on your  specific opinions leaving you with a chic and street outlook.

Brown and black shoes

When you have atleast these two colors of shoes, then you are good to go because they match almost all color combinations. Just ensure you are choosing the same color of belt with your shoes. When you get quality shoes, they look great on suit and also look nice when you dress in jeans, chinos and trousers stepping up to a casual look.

Casual watch

Any man that has self respect, should a watch or two atleast regardless if you are a watch lover or not. Wrist watch should be worn when rocking any form of dressing, be it, corporate, business casuals or smart casuals.

A wallet

There is nothing that tells a lot about a man than his wallet. Wallet is where money is kept safely and other valuables. This fashion of using wallet is well embraced by men, they use wallets for the safety of their valuables and also fashion-wise. They keep the wallets at their trouser's pockets.

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