Wednesday, June 12, 2019

LIP CARE TIPS: How To Care For Your Lips

Almost all girls love to wear lipstick, the more reason why our lips should be well taken care of. If the lips are not well cared for, there will be no lipstick that will sit perfectly on your lips...
The skin of our lips is much softer and thinner than other parts of the body. This is the more reason why it should be cared for, otherwise the lips can crack or crap.
The lips do not have the ability to create natural melanin and they have little amount of oil glands. This actually implies that they have no protection for themselves. The season will always leave our lips dry and chapped and it will be left to us to care for them. For dry chapped lips, use lip balm as it provides the fastest remedy because of the composition of oil, wax, menthol or camphor. Ensure the lip balm contains UVA protecting ingredients such as titanium dioxide or zinc oxide.

Never lick or touch your lips. Stop the habit of touching or licking your lips, because each time you touch or lick your lips; you tend to affect your lips. You should not aggravate the problem caused to your lips.
Licking your lips might feel good at the moment, but as soon as your saliva evaporate; your lips get drier. Moreover, the enzymes in your saliva are too harsh to be used for the hydration of the lips.
Another thing is, do not breathe with your mouth open because you get dry air blowing over the lips.

Practise a healthy diet. As much as a healthy diet is good for the body and skin, it is for the lips too. Nutrients and vitamins improve the appearance of your lips. The more reason why it is very important to maintain an adequate diet so as to enhance perfect lips.

Drink lots of water. Always keep yourself hydrated by drinking plenty water. This is actually the most important thing when it comes to maintaining perfect healthy lips. As much as the skin needs hydration, so also the lips.

Removing makeup when due. Ensure you clean all traces of makeup or lipstick from your lips before you go to bed. Your lips need to breathe and that can only be possible by clearing out all makeup traces. Damp a cotton wool and use it to wipe your lips clean.

Massage and scrub your lips. Massaging the lips helps to improve the circulation of blood in the lips and ensure the necessary nutrients are gotten. You can also massage with nourushing oils for some minutes everyday.
Scrubbing the lips is important too because it eliminates the dead skin cells on the lips preventing them from infection. Use mild scrubs for your lips or use homemade scrub like sugar and honey to exfoliate the lips.

Always use a lip balm. You might not get to know when your lips would start drying out and that is why you should always use lip balm when going out. Ensure to have a good and hydrating lip balm especially when you are travelling.

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