Sunday, June 23, 2019

How Celebrities Inspire Fashion Of The Youth!

Celebrities are seen everywhere in magazines, news, movies, television and other elite places. They are just so unavoidable in almost all areas of our lives especially as youths...
At a tender age, we tend to look up to celebrities for many reasons. Females usually look up to them for the beauty and extravagant fashion life while the males look up for the muscles and aspiring fashion sense among the male celebrities.
Celebrities influence significantly the fashion choices of the youth because of their fame, people tend to imitate most of what they do. To us, they seem to look amazing and appealing everywhere they do, whether to party or casual outings. Celebrities are just one of the highest influences of modern fashion because they strive to keep up with the latest fashion trends. Style changes and celebrities work towards those changes in order to be in vogue. Youths look up to celebrities to get their fashion life updated.
Celebrities set trends (trendsetters). One inspirator is Mercy Aigbe who is a fashionista and also own a fashion house. She inspires many people with her high class fashion sense. She appeals to many with her choice of clothes and hairstyles. 
Another inspirator is Tonto Dikeh who got us updated everyday with new trends of fashion. She got us overwhelmed with her scandalous styles and ever gorgeous makeup application. Mercy and Tonto inspire us to be creative in our own styles. 
Trends from celebrities reign within a little time becaus as they are laid down, they park off quickly. Trend of 'how thick or thin your eyebrows should be' transforms every moment. Thin eyebrows have always been in vogue but now thick eyebrows have come back to life. Fashion girls are now filling in their eyebrows to make them look thicker just because that is what is trending among the female celebrities.
The most clothing trends are first seen worn by celebrities. Clothing like florals, prints, crop tops and the likes. Teens and upcoming fashionistas get inspired by who they desire to be. They attend fashion shows, view fashion magazines to get new trends of fashion and so as to look like their favorite celebrity. Even if they can't afford to get designer clothes like their favorite celebrity, they can always manipulate to get cheaper clothing moved by the celebrity's style. 
Fashion trends are now moving faster than in older generations due to social media impact. Celebrities upgrade their status with money to get top brands and designer clothes. The more reason why you should stay on trends without trying too hard. 
Young people are always anxious to learn new things especially about fashion. The young girls go through fashion inteviews with their favorite celebrities and what to imitate what they wear. Celebrity styles are now very powerful and dominant in this modern fashion.
It has been believed that celebrity influence of fashion is positive, even though they sometimes negatively impact the youth through their questionable behaviors. If you are a young person that gets inspired by your favorite celebrity's wardrobe, then you will feel much better about your fashion life. 

Fashion is art..... 

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