Thursday, June 6, 2019

Benefits Of Yogurt To The Well-Being Of Women!

Yogurt is so healthy and nutritious to the body as it is milk that has been fermented. It is a drink that is really good for consumption which proffers more benefits especially for ladies...
It contains calcium, magnesium and protein. There are so many reasons why yogurt should be included in our everyday diet most especially for women. Calcium is good for maintaining strong bones which is very essential to the body. Women who do not meet up with the daily requirements for calcium have greater risk of developing osteoporosis which might lead to bone fractures in the spine and hip. Take plain yogurt which contains more calcium than milk with low fat and calories.

If you get tired of taking plain yoghurt, then you can look for other means of including yogurt to your diet. You can either blend a mixed fruit yogurt smoothie with as a snack or you substitute the fat in your baking recipe with yogurt. When you want to add flavour to your food, use yoghurt instead of salad cream or mayonnaise.

The following are the reasons why it should be more consumed by women.

It is good for the skin
Yogurt contains lots of calcium, lactic acid and vitamins which makes the skin healthy. The consumption of yoghurt is good for the face and the whole body. It can also be used as face mask and body mask because it can be applied on the face and body in order to fight wrinkles, aging and providing a glowing skin.

It is good for the digestive system
Consuming yohurt helps the digestive system so well. It helps to prevent digestive related disorder like bloating, constipation. Taking just a glass of yoghurt can help you so much in preventing or stopping some certain disease in the body. If you are the type who suffers diarrhoea, taking yoghurt can help stop that.

It fights vag!na infection
It fights back and also prevent vag!nal infection such as staphylococcus, candida and the rest. It gets rid of bad odor from emanating from the vag!na while keeping you fresh.

Women with obesity do believe that diary products contain fats and should be avoided if they want to lose weight. This is just a myth as the fact remains that dairy products have the essential nutrients needed in the body. Yogurt, milk and cheese are low fat dairies that contain less fat and calories, therefore should not be avoided for anything. Older women who are over 50 should include more of it in their diet like taking yogurt in their three servings. Low fat yogurt provides protein needed in the body and gives calcium required for strong bones. Yogurt now has added advantage of vitamin D which helps the body to absorb calcium.

Science and other studies have shown that taking plenty of yogurt can be so beneficial for women and should be added to their daily diet. It will be healthier to take to a nutritious diet than to just take a varied diet.

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