Thursday, June 13, 2019

Common Perfume Mistakes People Make!

The art of wearing, storing and choosing fragrance is harder than you would think, even it seems easy to you...
The choice of perfume and the storage of your fragrances is very much important. This is why it requires more than spraying on your skin and dress.
Here are the common mistakes to avoid when wearing perfumes.

You don't try anything new. Choose fragrance that reveals your person, individual style rather than using what you have been using for years.
You are storing your fragrance in the wrong ways. Avoid storing your fragrance in extreme hot sun, heat or cold because all these tend to affect balance of oils within your fragrance which may end up changing the scent. Store your perfumes in a cool dry place, keeping them away from direct sunlight.

Thinking your friend's perfume will smell the same on you. Body chemistry has always been the final ingredient in all fragrances. It should be known that the way a perfume will smell on you will be different from how it will smell on someone else. The more reason why the best way to test a fragrance is to test it on your own body.

You expect your perfume to last all day long. Typically, perfumes are not made to last all day on you. Body mists should only last on the body for an hour while we have all other fragrances lasting for different time lag.

You tend to smell too many scents without taking a break. Do not smell more than three perfumes at a go. Take a break when testing scents, if you really desire to get the exact scent of each perfume. You can try sniffing coffee beans in between spritzes as this act absorbs and neutralizes smells. Another trick to go about this, is by drinking water between the scents.

You expect the smell to be the same all day. There are three levels to scents - the top note, heart and base note. When you smell a fragrance at first, you smell the top note of the fragrance, then as it lasts; it moves through the other stages. If you want to check how a perfume changes smell, spray the perfume on the blotter and keep, then smell it throughout the day.

You smell too fast. When you want to smell a perfume, you should try to wait for 30 seconds before smelling because of its alcohol content. It has to be given time to evaporate.

Spraying perfume on your cloth. This is totally wrong. Perfumes should be sprayed on the skin, even though you want to eliminate the odor on your clothes, you shouldn't spray directly on the clothes so as to avoid stain perfumes.

Rubbing the wrists together when spraying perfume on them. Do not rub the wrists together, after spraying on them. This act changes the construction of the fragrance thereby giving it a different fragrance altogether.
Spraying the body without moisturizing. A well moisturized body helps the skin to absorb the scent very well, otherwise the scent will vanish into the air. This is actually a trick to make your perfume last longer.

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