Monday, June 3, 2019

Life Changing Beauty Tips For Dark-Skinned Women!

It is much tasking searching for beauty tips for women with dark skin, even though we have dark skinned beauties as prominent features on magazines...
Consider yourself lucky if you have been blessed with dark or dusky complexion because this is your time of exploitation as Bal Fashion has come with great beauty tips for you. These are the makeup and beauty tips for dark skinned women.

Moisturize your skin everyday
Avoid getting your dark skin dry because that might end up providing you with grey and ashy skin. Follow a daily moisturizing regime as it is paramount for a woman with dark skin. Keep your radiant dark skin looking healthy and beautiful by applying a good quality moisturizer every single day after your bath.

Using sunscreen products everyday
Dark skin can also be damaged by the sun as much as a fair skin can, even though dark skin do not burn easily, it should still be prevented. The Ultra Violet radiation that comes from the sun dries out the skin and fastens the premature signs of aging. Do not neglect your skin just because it is dark. Taking assumption that your dark skin will always protect you is not so good. Use sunscreen products everyday even for days that are not sunny.

Choose a foundation that suits your skin tone
This is one of the most important beauty tips for women with dark skin. As a dark skinned lady, there is need to be very careful when it comes to the choice of foundation color. Your foundation shouldn't mask or change your skin tone but should be able to compliment your natural tone perfectly. Liquid foundation is the best choice for dark skinned women to create a natural looking matte effect. Choosing foundation that is lighter than your skin tone will only make your skin look ashy and creating an artificial outlook.

Avoid using sharp colored lipsticks
Stay away from choosing bright, sharp colors for lipsticks like orange, tomato red and pink because they will end up creating a lesser contrast against your dark skin. Betterstill, go for darker shade of colors like burgundy wine, gold, berry and the likes. Avoid applying too much lip gloss and also frosty finishes.

Avoid applying heavy powder
Do not overshadow your skin tone with too much powder. Using heavy powder on the face will create an uneven skin tone as the face will be lighter than other parts of the body, which will not be advisable. It will also create a cakey look and making your makeup look so unnatural. Lesser makeup application should be done to dark skin.

Wear face mask atleast once in a day
Wearing face mask is a benefit to all types of skin. It helps to moisturize the skin and eliminates blemishes. Natural homemade face masks are the best like mixture of honey and raw egg and other DIY face masks.

Exfoliate often
Exfoliating helps to remove dead skin cells and to keep the pores clear. You can use natural exfoliating scrubs like sugar and olive oil. Do not over-exfoliate as that can results in skin irritation and sore. This process will keep your skin looking radiant and glowing and should be done once in a week for desired results.

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