Thursday, June 20, 2019

Reasons Why Teens Want To Be Fashionable

You might notice how quickly the teens change their fashion. Yes, it could all be because of the dynamic lovely styles...
Sometimes, teens could beg for money from their parents to finance their fashion life, thereby leading to the wastage of their old clothes. You will be in fashion argument with your teen when you think she is not getting it right like buying over expensive things or going for scandalous wears, then you have more to do on that. When teens start to experiment with new looks, then style, clothing and fashion will be a touchy subject in the house because she will start to beg for finance for her fashion life. When you understand the  importance of fashion for teens, you will know exactly when to pick battles with your teens and when to stand on your round with them.

Lets find out why teens are fashionable

Identity. Teens want to establish their image and independence as they grow into their adolescence stage. They see fashion as one of the ways to tell to the world who they are elvoving into. It is that stage when they feel anxious with their fashion life.

Independence. Fashion helps the teens to gain more sense of independence and a means of self realization. Teens think of fashion to be the only thing they can choose and decide themselves unlike house rules and school work. You can help the teens to develop the style of clothes that are suitable for them or the types that boost their confidence and not trying to dictate to them what to wear. Give them the chance to be independent when it comes to fashion.

Rebellion. This can be shown through fashion as the teens tend to use fashion against their friends, parents or society in a way to rebel. Teens have in their minds a way of showing to the society that they are actually growing.

Society. This is a huge impact on how teens relate with fashion. Teens tend to choose their fashion style in accordance to the latest trends of their social circles. They will want to wear clothes in order to fit in with their peers and friends and their sense of style will be determined by the circle of friends they move with. When you notice as a parent that your kids are going viral in fashion, then you should interrupt because that is actually as a result of peer influence.

Celebrities. We all know celebrities to be people who lead fashion trends. Teens are influenced through this, wanting to change their style to look like them or their dolls. Models and celebrities can make it clear to the teens the need for them to dress gorgeously. Teens probably think it is equally important to dress the same way as their favorite stars.

Peer influence. Teens choose to stick to the hottest fashion trends so as to reduce the risk of isolation and humiliation by their peers. Kids make fun of each other because of bad taste of fashion, the more reason why they grow significantly with their fashion life.

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