Thursday, May 2, 2019

Body Parts That Reveal Your Age!

As we all endeavor to beat the aging features and avoiding to look older than we actually are. You may develop wrinkles, age spots and skin tags as you grow older because the skin tends to grow less elastic...
You can generally promote your welfare as well as a healthy skin by bathing in warm and not hot water. Sunscreen products can also be used to prevent your skin from sun damages caused by Ultraviolet rays. 

Sincerely speaking, even if all things are done to ensure a smooth healthy skin, there are still some body parts that will reveal your age as you grow older no matter what. The general common body parts that people think reveal one's age - face, hands and neck. Balfashion has put together six body parts that tend to wear out first before aging and also with tips to help keep them looking younger and not aging too fast. 

Your hands communicate your age more than any other part of the body. Sun causes the most damage to your hands and that is the more reason why sunscreen should be applied to the back of the hands and also using a good hand cream with it. It is very paramount to keep the hands moisturized with oily lotions especially overnight and should be made a daily routine. As our hands start looking older in our 20's and for some people it is in their 30's or 40's, therefore a daily regimen should be started as soon as possible, better enough before the appeaeance of the aging properties. 

Dark spots on the face appear unattractive as you grow older. Though, there are ways to lighten and eliminate dark spots. To get this done, just get a brightening serum to your routine to get rid of all sorts of hyperpigmentation. Also ensure to get an adequate diet that promotes the look of your skin. 

The neck tends to look older even before the face because the skin there is thinner. Always try to apply the same products you put on your face on the neck, make this a habit before the neck tends to wear out. There are some makeup tips to use if you have a squeezed neck like applying a blush to your face thereby drawing attention away from your neck or by using a nice scarf. 

The hair becomes more dry, thinner and grayer as you age. Moisture can be added to your hair by using some essential oils to your hair like coconut oil and also protein-rich hair treatments.  

Our eyelids tend to stretch and the muscles around them grow weaker consequently leading to a surplus of fat above and below the eyelids. This results in an unflattering bags under the eyes. You can help this situation by adopting some things like getting more sleep, drinking enough water and reduction in the consumption of salt.
Loose skin develops around the elbows and it is so unfortunate that there is no practical solution to this. You can only try to hide them by wearing long-sleeved shirts or clothes. Never worry much as this is a general problem suffered by many as they aged. 

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