Friday, May 24, 2019

Ways Low Self-esteem Affects Your Love Life!

Low self-esteem could affects your love life in so many ways as there are many adverse sides to mention. When battling with low self esteem,... you might not even notice you are doing some bad things thinking you have normal relationship behaviors. 
The following are the ways in which low self-esteem affects your love life.

Boring intimacy with partner
Engaging with your partner will be found very difficult if you are the type with low self-esteem. People with low sense of self worth find it difficult to win the hearts of their partners and finding complex to define that they need to be loved. Not believing in yourself will create difficulty in satisfying your partner's needs.  

Jealousy can be so detrimental to your relationship because you might find it so difficult to manage your love affairs. Jealousy does nothing but kills your relationship and making it hard for you to settle down.  

Being worried
Always have the serenity to accept the things you cannot change. Being worried about things you have no control over could be very killing. This might lead to unnecessary fear which can spill over to the point of not being able to control it. The fear of what is about to happen or what will happen in the future can dominate a larger aspect of your relationship if care is not taken and this can even get worse, if you are the type with self esteem related issues. 

Depending on partner for self worth
The lack of self esteem causes you to depend on your partner for happiness. Individual happiness is very crucial in a relationship and should be gotten independently. A situation whereby a partner depends solely on the other for happiness implies low self confidence which is caused by low self esteem. This kind of situation makes the partner to be dominant and exploitative of the other turning out to be under control. 

Giving much attention to class
Devoting much attention to class can affect your relationship in so many ways. In relationships, there is a high tendency that you will have to prove certain things to your partner, and that could be hindered if you pay too much attention to class. Never feel inferior to the person you are dating, thinking that the person you are dating is way too superior than you are. Feeling this way can make it hard for you to settle down with anyone. 

Apologizing too often
This seems like apologizing for existing and it is more or less like apologizing for everything you do and even when you don't hurt someone. You are only supposed to apologize when you hurt someone and not everytime you say something not so good or for no reason at all. If you apologize too often to the extent that people tell you to stop apologizing, then it reflects you have low self esteem and low self-worth. 

Wanting to please everyone
People with low self esteem try to please everyone at all times, thereby neglecting their own feelings. They feel so uncomfortable when in conflict with another person, therefore working hard to please everyone even if they cause discomfort to themselves in the process.  

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