Friday, May 3, 2019

How To Tackle Body Odor

Have you ever wonder for a moment if you smell well or have some funny body odor. Even though at times, you can experience body odor but that can actually be treated... Body odor occurs when least expected. 

Sweating is the natural way in which the body regulates its temperature. Sweating actually turns body odor when it meets with some bacteria on the skin. 
There are some tips to follow to make the body odor go away. 

Keeping yourself very clean

Take a shower atleast twice in a day, by doing this you are eliminating some bacteria on your skin. Basically, sweat is odorless but eventually result in an odor because of the bacteria that live on the skin which usually get mixed with sweat multiplying thereby raising a stink.
Give extra attention to those areas where you tend to sweat more, washing thoroughly. This action can help reduce body odor or eliminate body odor completely. 

The usage of antibacterial soap

Use antibacterial soap bar when having your bath. This kind of bar soap can help to eliminate some bacteria which can prevent or reduce body odor. Before purchasing any bath soap, endeavor to check for the word 'antibacterial' on the package of the soap. Using an antibacterial soap for your daily bath is very essential especially in overcoming body odor.  

Use antiperspirants

Use a powerful antiperspirant after bath especially on your underarms. Antiperspirants have aluminium chloride which helps to keep sweat at bay and also gives deodorant to the body. After your bath, dry your body with a towel and apply the antiperspirant. Apply twice in a day, both in the morning and evening. 

Search for the ones with strong deodorant as you do not really need prescription for this. If you are in doubt, you can contact your doctor about the prescription of antiperspirants. 

Wear clean clothes

Learn to change your clothes regularly, most especially when you are sweating profusely. When you wear fresh clothes, it reduces chances of having body odor. Change your socks more often, to avoid foot odor. Apply deodorant powders in your shoes and in insoles. Try to give your foot a break by not wearing shoes for sometimes, you can simply go barefooted when possible. 

Dry your skin after bath

After shower, endeavor to dry yourself completely and giving adequate attention to those areas where you tend to sweat more. If you have your skin dried, there is low tendency of breeding bacteria that might cause body odor. 

Cut out some certain foods

There are some things we eat that affect our body and cause body odor. Some foods make you sweat more just like taking food that is too spicy, hot peppers, these kinds of foods can cause body odor due to the excessive sweating. Your sweat can carry some aroma of foods like garlic, onions and so on. Taking alcohol will always make you to sweat more leaving you with some body odor, caffeine drinks make you to sweat more also, if you are unable to take enough water after the intake. 

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