Wednesday, May 15, 2019

Simple Makeup Tips You Should Know Now!

If you are a makeup freak, you must be willing to know more about new techniques to achieve that perfect look...The new techniques often times include the 'Do It Yourself' tips and also fabulous makeup products that fasten the makeup process to achieve a flawless outlook. Either your makeup application is for a special occasion or for casual look. These simple makeup tips can help save money on makeup products, and using less of face powder, and cream.

The following are the makeup tips to help you improve on your makeup skills. 

Curling the eyelashes

Most times, people make the mistake of curling their eyelashes just by clamping down the mascara wand and counting to three. This method end up creating an unnatural crease in your eyelashes and eventually those curls do not last. There is a more renowned way of doing that, this is the pump technique. This method lasts longer and can be done by starting from the base of the eyes, pumping the wand three times, repeat the same process at the mid section of the eyelashes and finally doing same at the tips of the eyelashes. 

Manipulating with baby powder

As much as applying false lashes is cute, there is still pain associated with it when applying. Rather than faking eyelashes, you can manipulate your natural eyelashes by using baby powder and mascara. This will make your eyelashes look fuller and longer. To use this method - curl your eyelashes with a coat of mascara, then use a clean mascara wand or a cotton swab to apply some baby powder on your eyelashes. After then, apply another coat of mascara to the baby powder thereby creating dark fibres making the eyelashes to look longer and fuller without applying false eyelashes. 

Foundation application

A blending foam should be used when applying liquid foundations. Still, it might be difficult to blend perfectly the foundation with a blending foam. However, the perfect one to use is the foundation brush and a round brush with flat bristles. Put the foundation on your face in dot form, use the brush to press into the pores and sweep to blend. This will give a perfect makeup finish  

Exfoliating the lips

Do not apply lipstick on dry flaky lips because it won't fabricate a great result. The lips are usually prone to dry out because they are made of thin skin. Your lips should be exfoliated as much as you exfoliate your body. You can use a clean soft toothbrush to eliminate the dryness on your lips, just run the toothbrush on your lips gently in a circular motion without scubbing hard. After then, moisturize well with a quality lip balm. Repeat this process atleast once in a week to generate effective results. 

Perfect eyeliner wing

It might be tasking to get the perfect wing with a thick eyeliner. Eyeliner wing is very important because it is that makeup look that makes the eyes pop. It is quite easy to make this, just avoid harsh lines and achieve the perfect smudge. Heat up the eyeliner by holding a lighter to its tip for some seconds. Then, let it cool down before applying. 

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