Monday, May 6, 2019

Foods That Are Dangerous For Your Skin!

Everyone is familiar with this saying, 'you are what you eat'. The quality of your diet is reflected by the appearance of your skin...
The food we eat will always affect your skin either positively or negatively. Some foods have been tagged to have the most adverse effects on skin appearance. The following are the foods that cause unhealthy skin.


Processed food are low in quality because their living enzymes and nutrients are broken down during processing. Canned foods usually have low water content. Foods in their natural raw state are high in water content examples are fruits and vegetables, they provide hydration to the body necessary to enhance proper functioning. Hydration is very essential to healthy skin because it assists skin detoxification and regulates oil production.


Non-organic foods are toxic intruders that can impede detrimental punch in a myriad ways. They contain pesticides, herbicides, fungicides and waxes. These pesticides have been found to disrupt motor skills and has link to variety of diseases and health conditions. The consumption of these foods consequently results in an inflammatory response because our bodies do not recognize those chemicals. Study has shown that organically grown food has multiplicative vitamins, minerals of commercially grown food.


Animals are usually fed with cocktail of steroids, antibiotics and growth hormones. They are not fed their natural herbivore diet but are usually stuffed with foods to make them grow fatter faster and not healthy. By consuming these animals, we consume a dose of their diet. The consumed compounds can create hormonal imbalances in our bodies which can consequently results in inflammation and acne. Generally, animal meats are more difficult on our digestive systems because they tend to get stucked in the digestive system if there are no enough water and fiber in our diets.


We consume oxidized fats in our body when the oil is at high heat. Antioxidants are known to be good in the body while oxidants are harmful to the body. Oils that are used all over again are really harmful to our body because the fats don't detox and get thicker in the body. They can cause heart related disease, inadequate circulation of blood and weak metabolic process. This can results in slowing down the collagen and elastic syntheses necessary for youthful glow and also results in lack of oxygen in the body.


These addictives are very common in the American diet but are also science experiment. They are majorly a chemistry set that should be avoided in the body, they have no nutritional value and can even cause irritation in our bodies and result in histamine and inflammation reactions. When consumed by our bodies, they tend to store the harmful chemicals in our tissues which can be seriously detrimental to our health.


Excess of caffeinated beverages leads to the increment of cortisol levels in our bodies which can accelerate the aging process and damage to our skin. It also causes the thinning of the skin. Therefore, the thinner the skin, the proner it is to fine lines and wrinkles which can reduce the appearance of our skin. Too much intake of coffee can dehydrate the body and remember that, the bettet hydrated you get in your body, the healthier the skin appearance.

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