Sunday, May 12, 2019

Reasons Why Women Like Tall Men!

A lady tends to feel protected around a tall man. As a lady, you will get to wear heels around your man without getting to worry about you towering over him...
Tall men know exactly how to pick you up and throw you on bed. The most utmost reason why women like tall men is because they feel safe like nothing cam happen to them being around a tall man thinking other people feel intimidated by tall people. 
Psychologically, womem love tall men because they believe in their capability in protecting them. A lady believes that her tall man will be respected by other men because of his physique.

A woman might lose interest in a man that is insecure, nervous even though he is tall. She will rapidly lose interest in the man. However, as most women like tall men does not really imply that they can't accept guys that are not tall or those shorter than them. Some women are the open types who are ready to marry any guy regardless of his height in as much he has good personality and traits. 


1. When a tall guy hugs you and his height matches yours in a way that your ear hits his heart listening to his heart beat.

2. You melt inside little by little when your tall guy hugs you from behind because you can rest his chin on your head.

3. When you have a tall guy, you can tailor their sweaters and shirts into dresses. 

4. Tall guys can help you reach some stuffs on the top shelf for you. This is really s*xy as you watch them flex their muscles as they reach for that.
5. Tall guys look hot and s*xy as they slouch when they sit because they are so tall and always spreading out their legs open.

6. Tall guys look cute in clothes because most clothes are made with tall people in mind and really look good when they roll their trousers to showcase their socks. Hence, only tall guys can rock this effectively!

7. You will never to worry about wearing heels in order not to look taller than your man. 
8. Looking up at a tall guy is somehow seductive making you to love him more.

9. You will fit well with your man in awesome ways if you are shorter than he is.

10. It is better to hold a guy's bicep instead of his hand and this can only be possible if the guy is tall.

11. If you have a tall man, he can take advantage of his height to comb through the crowd in concerts and ensure you get carried along also.

12. When you have outing with him, it will be much easier for him to be spotted by your friends.

13. You also will be spotted by as cute and good as a tall dude.

14. You will remain perfectly dry when its raining because he pulls out an umbrella and you wil be outrightly covered.

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