Thursday, May 30, 2019

Myths About Body Weight!

As most of us struggle to feel good with our weight, we tend to forget that there is nothing wrong with what we are blessed with...
Here are some of the common myths that surround body weight as collated by Bal Fashion. 

  • You can't be healthy with overweight.
Most people believe that extra weight depicts not being healthy, thinking you can't healthy with extra weight. This is actually a myth as study has shown that slightly overweight people have higher tendency to live long than slim people. Generally, fat or plumpy people can be fitter and healthier than their slimmer peers. Therefore, do not judge health with weight. Even though there are still some exceptions to people who are obese or very skinny to be likely unhealthy.

  • Beauty being measured by weight
Your beauty does not depend on the weighing scale. Beauty surpasses that, as it depends on how much you feel good and love yourself. Do not attach too much importance to your size as it has nothing to do with your beauty. Being beautiful begins from inside and not from outside. 

  • Only fat people get embarassed
Feeling embarassed because of your weight is very bad, you should also know that the skinny feels embarassed too. Even though, feeling embarassed is not too good for anyone, be it skinny or fat, so avoid that totally as it can lead to low self-esteem and even mental health. Try to have a friendly chat with someone you have concern for and avoiding hurtful comments. 

  • Only women that are extremely obssessed by their weight
Anyone be it male or female can always struggle with their weight, or being bothered with what they weigh. As a matter of fact, from history men have started suffering from eating conditions in order not to get more weight. 

  • If you have to go to extreme if you really want to lose or gain weight
Trying to treat yourself to some extreme conditions just to change your weight would never work out. You need realistic goals if you want to change anything in your body. You can easily get frustrated if you fail to achieve your desire and there is nothing as being frustrated. Set some realistic goals for yourself, and you will have a much tendency of succeeding which will keep you motivated. Try and get some advice from your doctor before taking any step or change in your body or lifestyle. 

  • Impressing people with your weight
If you really want to change your weight, it should be for your own personal reasons and not to impress anyone. The only person that really worth changing the way you are is yourself. Doing it because of someone else or to impress other people simply means you are harsh to yourself. If you are in a relationship which your partner isn't so happy with your weight, then you need to take a closer look at the relationship and think twice. Your partner should always love you just the way you are. Never try impressing anyone with your weight. 

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