Saturday, May 18, 2019

Immature habits grown women should drop ASAP!

It needs to be known that as you grow older, you should drop some habits that will tag you as immature. In your early 20s, there are some behaviors that are still acceptable and in the... late 20s to early 30s, you should have known better about the immature things that have to be dropped as soon as possible. Evolving from a lady to a woman should teach you to act as a grown woman you truly are. You might probably be wondering what these immature habits are. Check through the following habits to be mentioned and take note. 

  • Over-posting on social media
As you get older, keeping the bits of your life is very essential even though everyone is bound to live their life as they wish. As a grown women, everyone does not need to literally know everything happening in your life. This should be avoided in order to keep off from your decent life declining. This does not imply you shouldn't post at all, but there should be a limit to that. Quit those internet shit as you become adults. 

  • Holding grudges
Life is way too short to start holding grudges against one another. It is not a good thing to hold grudge against someone you have once loved and shared your secrets with. You should learn to settle the differences among your friends, even though friends do evolve, forgive people without holding grudges. Stop refusing invitation to parties because someone you do not like is attending the party or asking someone not to interact with another because you are not in good terms with the person. All these are childish behaviors that should be dropped as soon as possible.  

  • Acting like teenager when dating
You should be specific as an adult when it comes to dating instead of leading them on when you do not feel the same way as theirs. Do not act as a teenager by giving out fake numbers if you know you dont like him as your man. Communication is the key in any relationship, therefore be vocal about the things that bother you in order not to aggravate. 

  • Expecting a man to cater for all your financial needs
Be that virtuous woman that can handle her own affairs perfectly herself. You should aim at growing financially as you grow older. You should be able to give treat to yourself without depending on anyone for that. Stop having the mentality of ' i should depend on another man money instead of mine' because this is just very immature. Even though young girls do this, it is totally unacceptable from a grown woman. 

  • Dating bad boys
As a grown woman, you should stop dating men that will lead you nowhere. At this stage of life, you have to do away from that. Just learn that bad boys are just like that and majority of them are still immature. Do not cry over a bad boy in your late 20s and early 30s, grow and date big influential men that are responsible. 

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