Monday, May 27, 2019

Everyday Habits That Can Make Your Eyesight Clearer!

It is a good thing to protect your eyes in order to preserve your eyesight over time. There are some everyday habits that can be so beneficial and...
also effortless. The following is the list of the everyday habits that can contribute to make your eyesight clearer as day. 

Be hydrated
Being dehydrated can cause dry eye symptoms and which can get worsen if not corrected on time. If you know you will be travelling, endeavor to drink much water as you can to protect your eyesight. You must always make up to drink extra water if you love to take caffeinated or alcoholic drinks so as to replace the fluid loss in the body. Do not place your air conditioner directly to your face because this can cause problems for your eyes as much as it feels good to that. Always direct your air conditioner or other vents away from your face. 

Usage of sunshades on sunny days
Prevent your eyes from damage of the UVA and UVB rays by using sunglasses to protect your eyes from the sun. Make your own fashionable choice of sunglasses that suits your face shape appropriately. The more expensive the sunglasses is, doesn't determine whether it will offer better protection. 

Reducing your screen time
As much as laptops, smartphones, televisions are big parts of our lives today, there are not doing any good to our eyes as they provide no protection to our eyesight. Staring too much on screen for a long time can cause blurred vision, dry eyes, straining of the eyes caused by computer vision syndrome. Take breaks during the day when on screen, you can make it a 20 minutes break and looking at something else for some seconds. This is the more reason why you have tired eyes after a long day at work. 

Visit your eye doctor regularly
Give regular examinations to your eyes atleast once a year. Do not wait till you detect an eye problem yourself before visiting an eye doctor. The eye doctor can always see the back of your eyes and examine them when you dilate them. Eye examination is not just only about the eyes, it could help to detect other chronic condition like diabetes and high blood pressure.  

Avoid smoking
Try to quit smoking because of the ingredients composed in cigarette and other smoking agents are very toxic to the cells of the retina and to the overall health. One of these ingredients is tobacco, which is very toxic as it increases the risk of developing macular generation which could eventually lead to blindness. The retina is the thin layer of tissue lining at the back of the eye while macular degeneration is when the central part of the retina deteriorates as a result of smoking. 

Remove your contact lenses before sleeping

It is not good to sleep in your contact lenses even if the producer is not against it. The contact lens could cause infection to your eyes because it may adhere to micro-organisms. The eyes will get oxygen if the contact lenses are removed before sleep thereby reducing the risk of infection. 

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