Tuesday, May 14, 2019

Treatment And Prevention Of Pregnancy Stretch Marks!

Stretch marks occur when the rate at which your body grows faster than what your skin can contain, consequently causing the elastic fibers under the surface of the skin to break resulting in stretch marks...During pregnancy, it is shown thay you gain about 30 pounds for the  9 months of being pregnant.
When you grow fast, you can be left with stretch marks especially on your bre@sts and belly. Those are the two areas that grow the most and also on buttocks, upper arms, thighs. The stretch marks start out to be reddish or somhow purple but gradually fade out to be white after pregnancy.
Without mincing words, it is very paramount to take note that when it comes to stretch marks, how rapidly you gain may be as important as how much you gain.
From estimates, 75% of the population do have stretch marks which are mostly common during and after pregnancy due to the fast changes that occur in the body.

Young people who experience rapid growth and body changes during puberty can develop stretch marks
Do not panic if you have stretch marks, that symbolizes you are in a good company. Almost all women will get stretch marks after their sixth or seventh month of pregnancy.

Genetics play a major role, this implies that if your mother had stretch marks, it is more likely you also have them. If you are light-skinned, you tend to have pinkish stretch marks. If you have a dark complexion, you will have stretch marks that are lighter than your skin tone. 


Sincerely speaking, there is no actual way stretch marks can be prevented. There is no cream or lotion that can perform that role as studies have shown. 
Always try to keep your skin hydrated with a rich cream and lotion as this makes the skin better looking smoother and softer. This helps to reduce the itchiness that comes with the growing belly. Drink water regularly to keep you so hydrated. 


Some stretch marks naturally fade out while some remain darker and more showy. Treating the marks when at the reddish stage is simply the best.
Mixture of onion and hyaluronic acid can help treat the stretch marks, results will be visible after 3 months of daily usage.  
Retinoid as prescribed by your dermatologist. This formula helps to stimulate new collagen growth and speeding up the cell turnover resulting in a healthier skin. The constraint of this is that it can't be used during pregnancy and breastfeeding.
Another treatment is laser that heat up the skin boosting collagen growth and and shrinking dilated blood vessels. This might takes a lot of session and patience to see results.
Dermabrasion which is one of the gentler processes can renew the skin but not a significant change though.  
Some women simply try to accept their new skin after birth, just because they know there is no magic about that. They embrace the stretch marks as their new mom body as they tend to have new curves, new shape and skin.  

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