Thursday, May 9, 2019

Simple Habits That Are Making You Look Old!

No one has the ability to avoid aging. In some cases, people look older than they actually are while others look younger than their age. These changes can be influenced  individually...

There are so many inducing individuals who had never tried to look their chronological age due to a youthful energy about them, wonder of genes and a good skincare regimen. Even those at their 50s still get carded away keeping their tips for maintaining an effortless youthful look. There are so many ways you can make people have a doubt when you tell them about your age. 

You can regain your younger look, that is a reflection of a younger version of yourself or the reflection of your actual age, if you can avoid these simple habits that are making you look old. 

Sleeping on your face
The habit of sleeping on your face results in sleep wrinkles, you end up waking up with sleep wrinkles if you sleep with your face placed down.  It is so unfortunate that the wrinkles can become permanent if you continue with the habit for long. However, you should sleep with your sides or back as this has no adverse consequences unlike sleeping on your face. 

Wearing a frown face 
Always avoid frowning your face as this can make you look old and consequently age very fast than your mates. Even though this sound normal to most people but must actually be avoided. Incase you find yourself wearing a frown, you can simply fake a smile.

Sitting all day
Sitting all day can deter your physical appearance and also make you look older. Though, there is technology that ensure you sit while you work and even work at home after closing from work. Consequently, this style is not really good for you as it can cause you to age quickly. Ensure you walk all day atleast for a reasonable distance but not over doing it. For this reason, try to avoid lifts sometimes and exercise your body for a while. 

Staring at your phone for long
This habit of staring too long at your phone for long hours strains the neck. This results in premature wrinkles as they make you appear older. The skin of the face is softer to the skin of the neck and the neck's skin ages faster because of this reason.  

Using a matte makeup 
When you invest in using matte makeup products, they can result in making you looking older than your age. Even though, matte makeup is a better option for those with oily skin.  A slight dewy makeup is a good option because it reflects light and can slow down fine lines and wrinkles. A dewy outlook also reads a younger look unlike the matte makeup which proffers a dull look. Matte makeup should only be a perennial fashion to everyone and not an every day thing. 

Poor posture
Not standing straight could make you look very old as poor posture could destabilise your outlook. That minor slouch you overlook can actually tell much on your physical appearance. Therefore, this is the appropriate time to correct the differences in your posture.

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