Wednesday, May 8, 2019

Face Washing Mistakes That Are Harming Your Skin!

There are some mistakes made when washing your face that need to be corrected. When the face is not properly washed, that can be detrimental to your skin...
These are the top mistakes that can cause damage to your skin.

Washing too much

If you are the type that has oily skin, there is tendency to wash your face over and over again to keep the skun healthy and glowing. Over washing the face causes you a dry skin and in the case of an oily skin, it can overproduce oil which will negates the entire cleaning process. Washing the face twice in a day will provide the desired results.

Dirty hands

Most often, you might tend to forget washing your hands before washing your face thereby transferring the dirts on your hands to your face. This implies that you are not actually cleaning your face but transferring the bacteria on your hands to your face. When you have a clean face, you are already half way gone to achieve a healthy skin. 

Not drenching the face with enough water

It is very pertinent to drench the face with water when washing. The face should be completely rinsed out when any cleanser is used in order not to dry out the skin. This is because any cleanser left on the face can cause dry skin. This is also applicable to other facial wipes that are used to remove makeup, dirts or cosmetics. Those wipes contain chemicals capable of drenching the skin to get rid of those stuffs. 

Over exfoliating

Exfoliation means the removal of dead skin cells from the body. Exfoliation promotes tighter, firmer and healthier looking skin but can become excess because of the immediate benefits involved. Consequently, it can result into the redness or peeling of the skin. If you fall victim of this, use the green tea extract mixed with rose water, then rinse off with cold water after some minutes. As much as exfoliating is good, it should not be over done. Do not over exfoliate and you will get that glass and glowing skin. 

Using the wrong temperature of water

Use the appropriate temperature of water at the right time. Using hot water to wash your face will dry up your skim and using cold water won't open your pores. The normal temperature of water is the best to use, that is 'the not too hot and not too cold' temperature which is also called tepid water. 

Using clean wash cloth or loofah

If you use a wash cloth for your face, it has to remain cleaned everytime. 
Using a dirty cloth can cause germs to your face redepositing dirt on your face after the wash. Therefore, use a baby loofah that is softer and less irritating to your skin because your skin requires a gentle touch.

These are the top skincare tips to follow to achieve your germs-free face and skin. Examine your regular habits and check out these common mistakes, then avoid them. This is a secret to healthy, glowing skin and also healthy life. 

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