Tuesday, May 7, 2019

How To Draw Perfect Eyebrows

It is something of a trend that eyebrows have now become fashion vogue as they are given importance by all fashionista out there...
If you actually desire to have a perfect makeup, your eyebrows have to be the right design. If you feel skeptical about your makeup, that means you didnt get your eyebrows right.
These are some of the prerequisite to know to draw and maintain your perfect eyebrows.

1. The first step to know when drawing your eyebrows is locating the highest point of your brows with an eyebrow pencil because the design of your eyebrows completely changes your look, therefore must be chosen carefully.

2. Always choose the style that fits the shape of your face. Also, choose the eyebrow design that will suit your eyes.

3. Get a special brush for your eyebrows to create shadow for your eyebrows. What should be known about this is that you should have a special brush to comb your brows when drawing and a small scissors to blunt the length of the eyebrows.

4. It is not only thick eyebrows that are beautiful. Even the tiny ones look fabulous. The slim eyebrows also look so beautiful and elegant, perhaps this will motivate you to stop painting the eyebrows thick.

5. Do not paint the beginning of the brows thick. Never paint your eyebrow with greater strength from beginning to the end, the most appropriate thing is to paint the arch of the brows to the root to give natural blur to your eyebrows.

6. Do not stay too close to the mirror when shaving the eyebrows.

7. Always remember, eyebrows are sisters not twins. This implies that your two eyebrows cannot be exactly the same but kind of related. Make the brows look natural, and remember not to exaggerate the difference between the two eyebrows, they will look perfect that way.

8. Use hair spray to wet the eyeshadow. Wet your eyebrows to provide more solid shadow, also wet the brush and draw your eyebrows little by little until they are full

9. When choosing the color of your eye pencil, ensure to pick the color that matches your hair color or natural color.

10. Always consider the distance between your two eyebrows with respect to the shape of your nose. If you are the type that have a flatter nose, try to give gap to your eyebrows as this will make you have a balanced face. If you have a pointed nose, you can make your eyebrows much closer; this will give you a more refined look and making your nose appear thinner.

11.  Draw the complete bottom line of your eyebrows to highlight the whole design of the brows. After drawing this line first, it will make it much easier for you to fill in the eyebrows from start to end point. You can make use of a spoon as a starter to achieve a straight line.

12. Create lights at the end of your eyebrows with a lighter shade to your skin color.

It is very important to add lights with a clear or lighter concealer/corrector in order to define your eyebrows.

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