Friday, May 10, 2019

Guidelines On How To Apply Perfect Eyeshadow!

Actually, to apply eyeshadow is somehow easy but the learning process might be tasking. There are so many things to be known before the application of eyeshadow...You have to know the right eyeshadow that suits your skin tone and eye color. Yo do not necessarily need 10 makeup brushes before you can apply eyeshadow accurately and all colors in the eyeshadow palette does not need to be used when applying a round of eyeshadow. 
As a learner, you can easily get confused about the right ways of making the perfect eyeshadow application. Do not worry much, Bal Fashion has crafted some guildelines to show how exactly you can handle the eyeshadows, eyeliners and mascaras. 

Using the right tools

You should understand the fact that there is a reason why you must not use your fingers to paint. It is very difficult to create perfection without using the right tools. Makeup brushes are the right tools here that guarantee the right application. Invest in some quality cosmetic brushes in order to achieve even and perfect makeup application. Atleast, you can still get good makeup brushes without breaking the bank.
The best of all makeup brushes are the synthetic brushes, which are more preferable to the natural fiber counterparts.  They are always chosen above the natural fiber counterparts because they are affordable and easier to clean. 

Applying baseshadow to your lid

With the use of eyeshadow brush, apply your favorite base shade on your eyelid, considering your eye color. Shimmer will be the best way to go; if you have brown eyes. To create a dramatic smoky eye, you can continue the base color all the way to the brow bone. This is optional depending on how you want to look. Put a stop to it at the crease of your eye to formulate an everyday look. There is a tip for this: apply the baseshadow on the crease of your eye while opening your eyes and work the shadow down the lash line. This tip will help you not to cause messy lines or overshooting your crease. 

Rim your lash lines with darker color

When the eyeliner is applied well, it can cause your lashes to look thicker and wider eyes. If you do not want to use eyeliner, you can use a super dark eyeshadow to create the same impactful look. When applying the eyeshadow, you can use flat bristled brush to press the dark color along the edges of the upper eyelid and along the lower lash line. 
If you are the type that loves to wear liner at waterline which is the innermost  rim of the eye, have in mind that the bristle can get your eye irritated. Use a pale color for the waterline to make the eyes look awake and wider. 

Highlight with a shimmery shadow

Add lift to the brows by using a shimmery nude eyeshadow or pencil under the brow. Use a lighter color of shadow to the inner corner of the eye, this will help to brighten the whole makeup up. Finalise all with a mascara, use a deeper shade of color like black or deep blue. 

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