Monday, May 20, 2019

How To Use Lemon Oil For Skin Lightening

It has been heard by many that natural skin lightening oil has great effects. This is the oil that can be created at the comfort of your home...
to improve your skin color and the general appearance of your skin. The focus now is on lemon oil, some many great benefits in lemon oil will be unravelled and as it works well on lightening the skin.

Knowing how to make lemon oil for skin lightening effect is an added advantage to you because it can be made at the comfort of your home as it is very easy and affordable providing many advantages to you and your family. 

Materials needed
Lemon fruit - 4 pieces
Device used for pressing 
Olive oil or coconut oil
Bowl or bottle for keeping the lemon oil 

Step 1: Wash each of the lemon fruit with warm or hot water in order to eliminate the dirt on the fruit skin completely.

Step 2: It is very important to peel each lemon or have a special peeler to complete this step. You can also use a knife to remove the skin should incase you don't have a peeler. Place the lemon fruits in the freezer to make the fruits grate much quickly.  

Step 3: Cut the lemon fruit into pieces and grate. Fit in the lemon pieces into a presser or any other pressing gadget that you have. Continue pressing over a bowl until you squish all liquids from the fruit skin. Be patient for some time for this process to enjoy the results. 

Step 4: Do not throw away all the lemon skins after pressed. Continue working on those lemon skin and take the mesh sieve to receive more liquid.  

Step 5: Keep the liquid you have obtained in a clean container. Leave the liquid for some weeks for effective result, add some olive oil inside the bottle with the lemon juice.

Step 6: Check the container regularly to keep an eye on the changes. The olive oil will slowly separate from the natural lemon oil. Shake the container once in a while to provide great result.

Step 7: Wait for the mixture to relax very well for about 2-4 weeks for an effect to happen.

Step 8: Place the mixed oil into a clean container using a siever.

Step 9: The lemon oil is ready to use. You can use it on your skin for skin lightening effect to achieve an even color. Add few drops of the lemon oil into your shampoo or face product. Place the container with lemon oil in a dry dark place for storage. This mixture can last for six months. 

Lemon fruit does not deliver much oil that's the more reason why olive oil is being mixed with it. This process is a great one and worthy to try out to enhance a more natural product for yourself. Lemon fruit has multiple benefits as it can be added to tea, salad, meal and also for skin benefits. You can use lemon extract to improve the appearance of your hair, skin tone, nails, acne and black heads

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