Saturday, May 4, 2019

Makeup Mistakes That Should Be Avoided!

A woman experiments alot to perfect her makeup application mostly especially during her twenties. As a lady, you tend to struggle in front of the mirror for hours yet still not satisfied with the outlook...
Explore this post to get your perfect makeup every time. These are the makeup mistakes that must be avoided in all ways at all cost. 

Over-washing the face

As much as washing the face is the first and also most paramount step in makeup application, you should not overdo it because the skin differs. The skin is of different types and changes as you age. Over-washing the face should be avoided in order not to result to a dry skin. Noticing a dry, flaky skin after the application of foundation, depicts that you are over-washing your face and should be stopped as soon as possible. 
The ideal thing is to wash the face twice a day - in the morning and night before going to bed. After washing, it should be complimented with a mild, gentle cleanser. The skin works wonders because of the natural skin oil even without the usage of soap.  

Applying makeup on dry skin

When you apply makeup on a dry skin, you consequently have a dull and tired outlook. This is actually one of the biggest makeup mistakes that could be made. Get your face moisturized before applying any makeup on the face. Ensure to have a properly moisturized face to make a grounded makeup face. 

Applying makeup in the wrong lighting

Testing makeup on your skin in natural lighting is the best and produces the desired result. Deciding what kind of makeup suits you most and what kind doesnt suit, you need natural lighting to detect that. When you test with artificial lighting, you will notice the makeup doesn't look as flattering as you want. Select your choice of makeup in the best natural lighting. 

Inappropriate blending techniques

Blending properly is very important when applying makeup because it has to look natural.  Even if a neutral shade is applied, it has to be blended very well to fit in with the skin. Otherwise, the makeup might not look natural and will go out of place. Blending is actually the key to natural looking makeup, a well blended makeup proffers a perfect outlook. Not well blended makeup can result in a comical or dramatic outlook. Invest in good makeup brushes to master the art of blending, you can also go for tutorials on this, or watch online videos. 

Applying too much foundation

Your makeup will always end up messy or cakey, when you apply too much foundation to your face. You can simply wear light makeup and you do not necessarily need to apply foundation all over the face. Foundation is used to cover blemishes, therefore should be in light and sheer form. 

Excess Shimmery and glittery eyeshadow

Using shimmery eyeshadows can be so inviting, but should not be used over the entire eyelid because the eyeshadow will over take the whole of the other makeup. For the right application, you can apply a matte eyeshadow on the outer part of the eye area and the shimmery on the inner eye area. 

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